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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why textures.

So what are all these textures about?

Well for me it is taking an image which otherwise might just sit on my hard drive and enhancing it to be a piece of artwork that could be used as an image for a card, calendar or wall art for example.

I have thrown subtle out the window for this one and gone for a much more dramatic, bold look.

The final result is always subjective and will not be to everyone's liking.

I've chosen a picture I took of my bouganvillea set against the blue sky.

Though this image has great colours, as it is it would sit on my hard drive as just another photo of my garden.
The bold colour of the flowers always makes me think of fire.

I had created two textured backgrounds using some photoshop brushes I created out of splashes of paint and they remind me of fire also. 

They are very similar, one a little lighter and more yellow than the other.

I blended both of these backgrounds with the original photo using different blend modes until I was happy with the result. Also added a lens flare in the top left corner to add some highlights.

Finally I cropped it slightly and added some text.

Final image.  Bloom...

click to view larger

I hope you like the final result.
Feedback welcome.

I'm still working on my brushes sampler so maybe I'll have it ready for next post.
See you then,


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