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Friday, March 16, 2012

Art of Textures Course Week 2 - Brushes

In the Art of Textures Course this week Kim has taught us how to make our own Photoshop brushes.

I used a photo of my old wooden box  to create some grungy wood grain brushes.

Then I used those brushes and some Freebie drips and drop brushes I found on the net and created a new texture image out of an old one I wasn't happy with.

The limitless possibilities of these brushes both the creating and the using is amazing. I wake up at night dreaming about them but they are a lot of fun.

I have used one of my new textures in this image...Sit and Ponder.

Introducing Molly.

I found her in a shop a few years ago when life was giving me a few thorns and she looked so forlorn I just had to give her a home.

She is a very willing model and you will see more of her in the future. (and she's not nearly as forlorn as she looks).


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