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Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 4 - Putting it all together.

This week we have been learning to put together all the things we've learnt over the last few weeks.

This image is really an exercise in putting together some of the textures, scans, brushes etc that I've made.

The base pic was simply some coffee stains on canvas paper.

I then blended in several layers of other items such as a photo of the side of a very old, well used cake tin,

and some brown paper,

I added a crack effect by using a brush I had made from a ruin wall

I cannot remember everything I did to them but after changing blend modes and experimenting with different processes I came up with this final texture image.

I then blended this texture with one of my stock pics of an onion, added some text and distressed it a little.

click to enlarge
Looking forward to trying more of the hands on messy type of textures,

thanks for looking,


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