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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art of Textures Course Week 2 - Brushes cont

Hello Everyone

I'm having so much fun with these brushes both making them, using them to make textures and then blending the textures with photos.

Here is an example.

Using this photo of paint

I created a Photoshop brush

Using this brush I created a texture pattern in blues and whites.

Then I blended this texture with a photo of a water lily from my little water garden I have in a wine barrel.

I used two layers of the texture - first set to Soft Light and the second to Screen, opacity adjusted for both and a subtle border added.

And the final image

Water Lily Blue

best viewed larger to see texture (click).

The effect is subtle but I think it suits the soft water lily.

I've also had fun making brushes of my kids, a friend's grandkids as well as wood, stone, foliage etc. I'll do a collage of them for my next post.

Please feel free to comment. I have set it to public so you don't have to log in.


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