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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Win a Collection of Textures

Want to win a set of 24 high resolution textures. Collection 1 - Winter Warm.

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There are several ways in which textures can modify and enhance an image.

Three of these are:
1. Mood
2. Age
3. Tone.

For example.

1. Mood.

This is Molly. In this first example I have used a texture to give her a dreamy mood. Click to view them larger to see the full effect.

 (texture is from Collection 1 - Winter Warm)

2. Age.

A texture was added to this image to create an aged, vintage look.

(texture used was Kim Klasson's Embrace)

3. Tone.

This time I have given Molly a warm tone by using a different texture from the Winter Warm collection.

The last example was originally a colour photo, converted to black and white but still lacking the richness of tone that I was seeking.  Two textures were used to create a much richer tone to the image and also add a textured background to what was otherwise a blank sky.

(textures used Kim Klasson's paper2, crackerjack)


If you would like to be in the running to win a pack of my textures, Collection 1 - Winter Warm, then email me your best before and after photos where you have used one or more textures of any kind to change the original photo's mood, age or tone.

Your photos will only be used to display on this blog for this competition and will not be used or displayed in any other way or for any other purpose without your permission.

Photos should be 600px max on the long side, file size max of 150k, jpg.

Remember you must send the before and after photo. You do not need to show the texture/s used but you can if you wish. You can also include a little about the process if you wish.

Email to:  kathyt.thompson@gmail.com   Subject - Mood Competition
(don't forget the dot between kathyt and thompson)

Entries must be received at the above email address by 12 midday, Monday 30th July, Australian Central Time.

Winner will be announced on this blog about 8pm the same day and the winner will be notified by email.

Details of the prize texture pack can be seen HERE

Looking forward to seeing your images,

Some details have been edited 07/23/2012 for the purpose of clarification.

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