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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Music is moonlight

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I am sure all of us have at some stage been mesmerised by a beautiful moon. The most beautiful moon I have seen was witnessed from the jetty at Ardrossan, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

It rose up from the horizon over the water as a huge orange full moon. Everyone just stood and watched it. It must have been a 'super' moon for it appeared so much larger than expected and I guess most of us don't get to see it right on the horizon. Once it had moved up into the sky it appeared as normal. Unfortunately I had just packed all my photography gear into the car so didn't catch it on camera.

The above image was made from a photo I took of our recent super moon shrouded in mist.

I have added a texture which I created and stamped with a 'window' PS brush I made from a photo of an old ruin window.

Blue Window

The scrolls and vintage music came from "The Graphics Fairy".

A great site for royalty free vintage graphics.

If you would like the above   'BlueWindow'   texture I am making it available for a limited period free of charge. This is a large resolution 8MG file.

Credit to "Coffee Pot Textures"or a link to this blog would be appreciated.

Terms of use: royalty free, personal use or sales as part of a hobby when blended with other photos and or textures. Not for professional or commercial use.

Hoping you all have some music in your lives this week,


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